Should you set up company in Bulgaria?

Should you be interested to set up company in Bulgaria? This is a questions that we get frequently on our website and contact forms.

Therefore, we would like to share what are the main advantages of having a company in Bulgaria.

First of all let us look at the macroeconomic environment of the country.

 Bulgaria`s GDP has been growing steadily since 2012.

As part of the European Union the Bulgarian government also receives support in terms of any structural reforms that need to be made. This has led the country to have a stable and predictable economic environment. Something that should be important for all business owners.

Furthermore, perhaps the most valuable asset that Bulgaria has is its favorable tax system.

The country has a flat corporate tax of 10% and a flat income tax of 10%.

This provides companies that are set up in Bulgaria with a great competitive advantage compared to their European rivals. Having an extra 30-40% of revenue stream that can be reinvested back into the business. Allowing them to grow at a much faster rate.

Now that we have seen why a person or a company should be interested in setting up a Bulgarian company what is the process?


Thanks to advances in internet security and e-government systems it is now possible to complete the whole process online.
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