Which is the best Offshore structure?

Which is the best Offshore structure?


This is a question that we often get. As this is a topic that is often covered in mist we would like to share what we believe is the best offshore structure (or lack thereof).

Around 10 years ago offshore jurisdiction provided a viable option for people interested in optimizing their taxes.

This is however no longer the case.

Offshore jurisdiction does not provide any considerable added value nor do you get a considerable relief from your taxes.

Furthermore, due to developments in European legislation offshore companies are finding close to impossible to open a bank account in Europe thus making it very difficult to use the parked offshore funds.

There is an alternative and this is Bulgaria.

Combining the best of both worlds this European country offers several things that has made it one of the most sought after jurisdictions.

  • A fully transparent tax structure – A flat 10% corporate tax and a flat 10% income tax. No matter the size of your turnover your business will only pay 10% in tax.
  • Part of the European Union – As a part of the European Union Bulgaria can offer business free movement of goods and services with the EU.
  • Bulgarian companies also receive a corporate bank account that is with a fully licensed large international banking institution. This furthermore, gives them access to the European Financial System.

So how can this be achieved?

Thanks to licensed professional advisory companies, you can now complete the whole process remotely.

Our company has a dedicated team of professionals working around the clock to ensure all your corporate needs will be handles in the best possible way.
Our team consists of lawyers, solicitors, accountants and economist with 20 years of experience.

Let us help you make the best decision for your business. Your initial consultation is always free of charge. Contact us.






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