Immigration to Bulgaria


IMMIGRATION TO BULGARIA. We assist to non EU citizens to obtain Bulgarian Residence Permit.

In general the legal opportunities for Immigration to Bulgaria & obtaining of residence in Bulgaria are systematized in 5 groups:

  • Immigration to Bulgaria  via Property Investment
  • Residence permit via Registration of Non-trading Representative office of a foreign company in Bulgaria
  • Residence Permit via Establishing of business enterprise with more than 10 local employees for more than 6 months.
  • Investment in amount of 512 000 euro in government bonds;
  • Creating of a Bulgarian Ltd Company by shares with capital of 3,12 million euro

Residence by Property Investment In Bulgaria

The property investment in Bulgaria is a relatively new opportunity for obtaining of Bulgarian Residence, being recently introduced in Bulgarian law since the beginning of 2013.

In general the main legal requirements are:

Residence by Registration of Non Trading Rep Office

Our practice shows that the second option above – registration of non trading rep office is the most preferable for immigration to Bulgaria. The procedure is fast, at low costs and highly efficient. The cost of the procedure of registration of a representative office of a foreign company in Bulgaria is 2500 euro. The procedure takes between 40 and 60 days.

Registration of a Business   Entity in Bulgaria and hiring of no less than 10 Bulgarian employees

In case the investor registers a Company in Bulgaria  and hires more than 10 Bulgarian employees for more than 6 months, he would have a legal right to apply for Bulgarian residence permit.

The third option is more difficult and it is not recommended for business people who are just starting their activity in Bulgaria.

Permanent Residence Permit via Investment in Bulgarian Government Bonds

The purchase of Bulgarian Government Bonds is the best option for candidates with funds available for such volume of investment. The Bulgarian government bonds are 100% secure financial instruments with absolute liquidity. The annual revenue is between 1 and 3%. The exposition could be closed at any moment as they are exchangeable against euro 24/7. And what is the most important – if the investor double the investment on the second year, he/she has right to apply for Bulgarian / European/ passport.

The same rights have the investors who have invested 1 million BGN or more in stocks traded on the Bulgarian Stock Exchanges.

The same rights have the investors who have invested 1 million BGN or more in a bank deposit in any Bulgarian credit institution for not less than 5 years under a special contract for deposit.

Permanent Residence Permit via Registration of a Bulgarian Ltd Company by shares with 6 million BGN capital

This option is specially designed for investors who are planning to create industrial or trade business in Bulgaria. The invested capital in fact stays under control of the investor and will be used for setting up of the business activity of the company. It is not frozen. The capital goes directly into the turnover of the company. The law gives easy chance to the investor to apply for residence permit without any additional requirements and complications. Actually the capital invested may stay in the bank on deposit against interest. The bank could even no a Bulgarian , it could be any bank in the world.

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Immigration to Bulgaria


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