International Bank Accounts in Bulgaria 2017-12-30T09:28:07+00:00


To open International Bank Accounts in Bulgaria. This product allows you to use the Bulgarian banking system remotely. No need to  visit Bulgaria personally.

The benefits are:

  • Higher interest rates on deposits in banks;
  • The Interest incomes are tax free;
  • The bank Deposits up to € 100,000 are 100% guaranteed by the government;
  • The low level of the personal income tax and the corporate tax gives you chance to minimize your tax expenses via re-directing of your international incomes into your Bulgarian bank account;

Our bank account package of services includes:

  • Opening of a deposit account or business account;
  • Obtaining an international credit card linked to your bank account;
  • Internet banking with electronic key. The electronic key and the respective electronic device will be sent to the customer. There is no need our client to visit Bulgaria personally;