How can you optimize your taxes?

How can you optimize your taxes?

How can you successfully optimize your taxes? A very popular question among recent times. With corporate and income tax in some European countries reaching 50+% businessman and wealthy individuals alike are interested in these options.

First thing one should look at is the economic environment.

Security of your business and funds should be your number on priority and therefore this should be the first thing to look at. Furthermore, ensuring that your investment is safe is tied to the economic environment and the banking system.

Bulgaria`s economy has been steadily growing for the past 5 years. Something that should show anyone interested in the countries tax system that their funds and reputation would not be tarnished.

Second factor that is just as important as the economy is the banking system.
All Bulgarian banks recently went through an extensive stress test. The aim of which was to test for the banks liquidity and whether they are prepared to sustain large amounts of withdrawal request from their liquidity pool.

Bulgaria currently has the most advantageous tax system in Europe.

With a flat corporate tax of 10% and a flat income tax of 10% the country currently offers the best conditions for businesses.

Having the ability to legally save and optimize a large portion of your taxes will give your business a major advantage over your competitors. Furthermore, it will exponentially increase your growth rate.

The next question that arises is “How can this be done”? You need to choose a professional legal partner that can assist you in this new venture. Therefore, you can move your business to Bulgaria without even having to visit the country.

At Bulgarian Law we have 20 years of experience and a dedicated team of solicitors, lawyers, accountants and economist. We are always up to date with all legislative changes and can assist with all your corporate needs. Contact us, the initial consultation is always free of charge for you.