How to choose a right Bulgarian Law Firm?

How to choose a right Bulgarian Law Firm to represent you?

How to choose the right Bulgaria Law Firm to represent your interests in Bulgaria and abroad? This is a question that we often receive in our website and also in our prospect client meetings.

In this article we would like to describe what are the things you should be looking for before you choose the right partner for you in Bulgaria.

As we know actions speak louder than words and experience is something that cannot be overlooked as possibly one of the most important factors when choosing the right Bulgarian Law Firm for you.

At Bulgarian Law our team of lawyers have more than 70 years of combined professional experience between the partners. Above all else, this is an invaluable expertise that clients can have access to at any given moment.

The senior lawyer and managing Partner Attn. Angel Dinkov is a barred professional with 30 years of experience in the field. Furthermore, he is also an official partner and exclusive representative for Bulgaria of Judicare Legal Services Ltd – an international legal company registered in UK with representative offices in UK and Spain.

Our team is completed by three more lawyers, economist and a financial advisor as well as expert licensed accountants and auditor.

Everyone in our team has graduated at the most prestigious law faculties in Bulgaria with distinctions. Furthermore, some of our colleagues have completed their education and some of the most reputable universities in Germany and Austria.

Our areas of expertise are Corporate and Tax Law as well as property law where the company has had the pleasure to service a lot of foreign clients. Above all this helped us to recognize the specific needs that foreign investor is looking for when searching for the right Bulgarian Law Firm.

Moreover, years of experience have taught us that the formula of success and best satisfying the needs that our clients have is a combination between our extensive legal experience and expertise as well as our specific industry based knowledge.

Our work and experience speaks for itself and this is why we always invite clients to approach us for a consultation. Furthermore, initial consult is always free of charge and without any obligations from the side of the client. We see this as a gesture of good will and a stepping stone for a long lasting relationship.

As a leading Bulgarian Law Firm we are proud to say that we have clients that have given us their trust and we have been representing them for 20 years. And the only way that we were able to achieve this success was our ability to prove ourselves as a trusted strategic advisor to all our domestic and foreign clients.

Don’t hesitate to contact us through our contact form or over the phone in order to schedule an initial consultation with one of our lawyers. Above all the initial consult is always free of charge for you.

Let us show you why we are the right Bulgarian Law Firm to represent you and your interests.

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